Stop Dreaming of Being a Successful Nurse!

Let me help you get there. These courses are designed to give you the best tips & tricks from a 12 year veteran nurse. My NCLEX course has a 100% pass rate for the last 3 years. My New Nurse Survival Guide has all the secrets you would ONLY get after years of bedside experience. My mini-course, “How to Give the Best Report” (which is included in the New Nurse Survival Guide”) is designed to make you the most effective communicator, you will always know what to say in every work scenario.



Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator,
Study Coach, & Mentor.

I have been a nurse for more than a decade. I have experience in the ER, Med-Surg, Pre-Op, PCU, CVICU, Step-Down, Nursing Homes, Rehab Center, and More! 

Over the years, I have developed a passion for teaching nursing students and new nurses. 

I strongly believe there is a knowledge gap between nursing school and REAL LIFE! 

I am here to fill that gap with my free resources and online courses. 

Less Struggle | More Confidence | Higher Pass Rates

I am here to help nurses and students SUCCEED in their healthcare journey.