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I've been a nurse for over a decade, and now I'm here to help you succeed. I want to sincerely thank you for investing in your future and supporting my small business. 

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How to Study & Pass the NCLEX

Let me guide you in successfully studying & passing the NCLEX in a way that no one else will!

  •  daily study schedule

  •  how to handle test anxiety

  •  weekly LIVE Q&A zoom meetings

  •  test taking strategy

  •  focused lecture content & nursing school review study guides 

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The New Nurse Survival Guide

This is everything you need to be a confident new nurse. You will learn communication (shift report, calling the DR, etc), Running a Code, Assessments, ICU Drips+Equipment, Balancing work/life, EKG interpretation, Skills, & so much more. My hope is that you transform from an overwhelmed nurse to an impressive one!

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How to Give the Best Report 

I will show you how to give the report report even to the scariest nurse. I also help you communicate in every scenario at work - even how to talk to doctors! 

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Mullanda RN

“There is nothing like this out there! Your ebook for new nurses and videos were the best for me. I am more confident and skilled than the other new nurses on my floor. I feel happy going to work because I know what I am doing. I am confident, thanks to you. Thank you, Meg.”

Rebecca RN

“I saw you on YouTube and bought your NCLEX Study book. My school never really taught me how to study or beat test anxiety. I was the only one in my group of nursing school friends who passed on the first attempt! Thank you.”

Derrick RN

“The New Nurse Guide to Bedside nursing definitely saved me. I was freaking out inside when I came off orientation. Your printouts helped me take charge of my shift and never fall behind. I rocked my first code and felt like I knew what I was doing. The confidence & support you have given me has been INVALUABLE.”

Alison RN

“I’ve seen you all over my TikTok feed and decided to purchase your book “How to Pass the NCLEX.” I took every piece of advice you suggested. I took my exam Feb 2021 and just received the news that….I PASSED THE NCLEX ON MY FIRST TRY!!! I truly believe that your book helped me to prepare and know how to answer the questions presented to me on the NCLEX.”


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