The New Nurse Survival Guide

How to feel calm, cool, & confident your first years as a Nurse, transitioning to the ICU and beyond!



Are you still feeling anxious pre-shift?


You know it exists—and you don’t know what to do about it…

The New Nurse Jitters…

Symptoms include:

  • Pit stains due to pre-shift anxiety
  • A shaky voice as you give report
  • 2 minute stairwell crying sesh (Thanks, Brenda! You didn’t need to call me out like that.)
  • And general lack of confidence at work

You made it through so much already!
Nursing school, the NCLEX, orientation, & now—Ding Dong!

It’s like Amazon delivered something you didn’t even order! Another obstacle—packaged as that intimidating senior nurse.

Brenda—She gets it! Someone’s life is in her hands now. She is the one responsible. People are looking to her for help & answers.

Enough with the pressure already!

Around 200,000 new nurses enter the workforce in the U.S. each year, according to the National Nurses Association.

Most new nurses haven’t met a Nice Senior Nurse who will show them love, kindness, & all the tricks up their sleeves.

You could hope you end up with a Nice Nurse Preceptor—

A Senior Nurse who supports you, helps you learn from her mistakes, & shares her best nurse tips with you.

After working with her—you know what to say & when to say it, how to look (& feel) confident, & understand common labs & tests.

Feeling confident, less anxious, & more in control of your work is possible… with the right guidance.

If you don’t have a supportive senior nurse at your hospital—what’s the next best option?

Nurses should Teach their young! New Nurses are bright, hopeful, ready-to-learn sponges who should be doused with knowledge & love—Not wrung out & left all alone in the hot Florida sun.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes & learned so many things the hard way. I don’t want you to struggle the same way I did.

Every new nurse deserves a kind-hearted nurse preceptor. And I’m here for You—if you’re in the market for a Nice Senior Nurse.

Ready to learn how you can handle your first year as a nurse—with more confidence (& support) than you’ve ever had?


The New Nurse Survival Guide

This is the New Nurse Resource for you, if you:

  • thrive with unconditional love & support (rainbows not included)

  • feel this deep sense of dread each day on your way to work 

  • could use a nurse schedule template to organize your shift

  • want to feel confident giving & initiating report

  • would love to build your confidence at work

  • have nightmares about being judged by Senior Nurses

  • you're transitioning to the ICU and need some extra training for deace of mind

With this New Nurse Survival Guide tucked in your scrubs pocket you’ll—

  • Meet a Nice Senior Nurse (ME!) —finally feel heard & supported
  • Stop feeling dumb just because you’re the new kid on the block
  • Notice a boost in your confidence—not just at work, but in your life
  • Feel comfortable talking to doctors—so you can do your job with ease
  • Learn how to initiate (& give the best) report—no more pre-shift anxiety
  • Discover how to handle making mistakes (because they’re going to happen)

You could just roll the dice, cross your fingers, & hope the universe sends you a Nice Nurse Preceptor—

Possibly delaying your personal growth and growth as a new nurse.
And maybe spending your commute to & from your shift feeling dumb & sad.


You could get The New Nurse Survival Guide & guarantee you’ll be working with a Nice Senior Nurse.

A senior nurse who hundreds of new nurses already trust with their Baby Nurse hearts & minds.



The New Nurse Survival Guide Table of Contents


  • Welcome Video
  • Printables to Take to Work 

The In’s & Out’s of Being a Floor Nurse

  • Downloadable ebook version
  • Patient Care
  • Running a Code Blue / Rapid Response with Confidence
  • Head-to-Toe Assessment Skills
  • EKG Interpretation Made Easy
  • Common Labs & Tests Explained
  • Master Starting an IV
  • Time Management for your 12 Hr Shift
  • The Non-Patient Sides of Nursing 
  • Managing Your Stress
  • Perfecting Your Skills
  • How to Handle the Gross Stuff
  • Dealing with Difficult Coworkers & Bullies
  • Mistakes, Medication Errors, Incident Reports

New ICU Nurse – Critical Care Prep

  • Printouts: 
  • The most common ICU drips and medications, 
  • Impella device management, waveforms explained, troubleshooting
  • How to perform Transvenous Pacing
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia / TTM device management
  • Nursing Care for Swan Ganz Cath
  • Arterial Lines – inside & out
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps – become an expert
  • Initiating & Maintaining CVVH (Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration, 
  • ECMO
  • How to care for vented patients and understanding the settings

Nurse Communication in Every Scenario

  • Introduction to Finding Your Voice
  • How to Initiate Report
  • How to be Courteous to the Next Shift
  • How to Give the Best Shift Report
  • How to Talk to the Providers/Doctors
  • Giving Report to Other Facilities
  • Leaving the Floor/ Going on Break
  • Giving Report to Other Departments

Nursing School Content Review 

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Critical Care
  • Critical Skills
  • Fundamentals + Health Assessments
  • Labs
  • Maternity
  • Prioritization & Delegation
  • Mental Health
  • Pharmacology


The New Nurse Survival Guide is a wealth of knowledge that I know you will carry with you for the first few years of your nursing career. I do recommend it for the first 1-3+ years of Registered Nursing and New ICU Nurses

Invest in your career today and be a confident impressive nurse!



Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator,
Study Coach, & Mentor.

I have been a nurse for more than a decade. I have experience in the ER, Med-Surg, Pre-Op, PCU, CVICU, Step-Down, Nursing Homes, Rehab Center, and More! 

Over the years, I have developed a passion for teaching nursing students and new nurses. 

I strongly believe there is a knowledge gap between nursing school and REAL LIFE! 

I am here to fill that gap with my free resources and online courses. 

Less Struggle | More Confidence | Higher Pass Rates

I am here to help nurses and students SUCCEED in their healthcare journey.