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NEW NURSE SURVIVAL GUIDE: Practical Tips & Tricks for New Grads and Beyond Offer

Are you a new nurse? 

Are you off orientation and still need direction? That's why I'm here! 

That's why I created this course. It's everything I wish I knew in my first few years of nursing. Including all my tricks I've gathered after 12 years! 


New Nurse Survival Guide Table of Contents



  •  Welcome Video
  •  Printables to Take to Work 


The In’s & Out’s of Being a Floor Nurse

  •  Downloadable ebook version
  •  Patient Care
  1. Running a Code Blue / Rapid Response with Confidence
  2. Head-to-Toe Assessment Skills
  3. EKG Interpretation Made Easy
  4. Common Labs & Tests Explained
  5. Master Starting an IV
  6. Time Management for your 12 Hr Shift


  •  The Non-Patient Sides of Nursing 
  1. Managing Your Stress
  2. Perfecting Your Skills
  3. How to Handle the Gross Stuff
  4. Dealing with Difficult Coworkers & Bullies
  5. Mistakes, Medication Errors, Incident Reports


ICU - Critical Care

  •  Printouts: 
  1. The most common ICU drips and medications, 
  2. Impella device management, waveforms explained, troubleshooting
  3. How to perform Transvenous Pacing
  4. Therapeutic Hypothermia / TTM device management
  5. Nursing Care for Swan Ganz Cath
  6. Arterial Lines - inside & out
  7. Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps - become an expert
  8. Initiating & Maintaining CVVH (Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration, 
  9. ECMO
  10. How to care for vented patients and understanding the settings


Nurse Communication in Every Scenario

  •  Introduction to Finding Your Voice
  •  How to Initiate Report
  •  How to be Courteous to the Next Shift
  •  How to Give the Best Shift Report
  •  How to Talk to the Providers/Doctors
  •  Giving Report to Other Facilities
  •  Leaving the Floor/ Going on Break
  •  Giving Report to Other Departments


Nursing School Content Review 

  •  Anatomy & Physiology
  •  Critical Care
  •  Critical Skills
  •  Fundamentals + Health Assessments
  •  Labs
  •  Maternity
  •  Prioritization & Delegation
  •  Mental Health
  •  Pharmacology




The New Nurse Survival Guide is a wealth of knowledge that I know you will carry with you for the first few years of your nursing career. I do recommend it for the first 1-3+ years of Registered Nursing.