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Take control of your next 12 hour shift with this nurse flow sheet template

Rock your next night (or day) shift with this handy dandy shift organizer.

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With this flow sheet:

✭ master your nurse mindset

✭ never forget anything

✭ find ease during your hospital shift

✭ organize your 7-7 & never fall behind

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Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator,
Study Coach, & Mentor.

I have been a nurse for more than a decade. I have experience in the ER, Med-Surg, Pre-Op, PCU, CVICU, Step-Down, Nursing Homes, Rehab Center, and More! 

Over the years, I have developed a passion for teaching nursing students and new nurses. 

I strongly believe there is a knowledge gap between nursing school and REAL LIFE! 

I am here to fill that gap with my free resources and online courses. 

Less Struggle | More Confidence | Higher Pass Rates

I am here to help nurses and students SUCCEED in their healthcare journey.