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Nurse Meg's NCLEX Study Program

The NurseMegRN method of studying has a 99% PASS RATE FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS!

This NCLEX Study Guide includes…

A Daily Study Schedule to follow for 30-40 days (Exactly what to do minute by minute everyday)

Videos & Printouts (for each step of your NCLEX journey)

NCLEX Content Lectures

Best Ways to Conquer Your Test Anxiety

Colorful Study Guides to Review all Nursing School Content (with graphics and memorization tips!)

Weekly Group Zoom calls! (this is where you get tutoring & I teach strategy LIVE on screen)

Guidance on Your Nursing Journey after the NCLEX (yes—there’s life after the NCLEX!)


This full service course teaches you how to study effectively, how to think like the NCLEX world, lecture material on commonly found questions on the NCLEX, and how TO MANAGE test anxiety.  

It’s literally everything you need to pass the NCLEX. 

You will have 3 months of access to the course - unless you are still studying and have an upcoming attempt - we can always extend it at no charge! :)

This is how every nurse should prepare to pass the NCLEX! 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or schedule a free 15min call with the NurseMegRN Team here: https://calendly.com/nursemeg/15min


What my students are saying about my NCLEX STUDY COURSE

I failed the first time but after taking your course and studying totally different I passed in 75 questions this past Tuesday!!! thank you so much! 🥰


"👋 Hi! I graduated RN school in September. This was always a dream of mine but... I always felt I would never make it. After passing school I was so confident and happy! I took the nclex oct 13 and failed on my first attempt. I've been DEVASTATED since. I lost a ton of confidence in myself and questioned if I was capable of passing. I came across your tik tok and decided to purchase your nclex package. I followed every damn bit of your advice. Practice questions daily, are every good you listed for 3 days before, and memorized your lectures and tips. I retook the nclex this week and found out I PASSED! I swear this was because of you! You gave me confidence and self esteem back when I had lost it and helped me focus on the info I NEEDED to know! Thank you so much for helping me achieve my DREAM! Also the info you gave in your lectures is spot on and multiple questions I had on the nclex were almost identical to things you had mentioned. Your tips helped me weed out the rest."


I PASSED ON MY THIRD TRY!!! I purchased your course after failing the NCLEX PN twice. Your tips and tricks and most importantly positive attitude helped me become a nurse!! I appreciate you!!!! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!


I cannot even begin to put into words how much your program helped me.. I took my NCLEX the first time strictly using UWORLD and ended up failing. I bought your NCLEX prep course and it completely changed my whole mindset during my exam the 2nd time. I actually learned how to control my anxiety and take the exam one question at a time and ended up passing the second time in 75 questions! I wish I could tell you in person, but thank you so so much ❤️


First of all I want to say Thank You for your course for the NCLEX! It literally safes my life! I am an over thinker and get anxiety over exams. But your course really helped me conquer my fear/anxiety. Now I have my dream job!


I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! I took your course after failing my NCLEX 4 times, took my exam on Wednesday and Thursday I found out I passed!!! Thank you so much for providing great tools for students like me who NCLEX failed. I can’t thank you enough for the tips and tricks to beat NCLEX. I also appreciated the kind words you gave me during your monthly Zoom meeting on Monday! Thank you again!!


Today I found out that I passed my boards and I just want to say thank you because your course helped me out so much when taking them a second time around!! I have you to thank with the help of course and your great advice! I went from taking all 145 questions the first time to 78! I cannot thank you enough!!"


Hello, I took my NCLEX two times before coming across your program. I went into each testing site with extreme test anxiety which I've had basically my whole life. I finally decided to try your program for my third attempt and PASSED MY NCLEX in 75 questions. Thank you for all you do. I loved your program and can't thank you enough for helping me get through my test taking anxiety.

Brady D.

I just wanna say thank you!! I took my nclex Twice and failed using uworld and ATI to study and passed on my third trying after using your course!!!


I just wanted to let you know I PASSED the nclex on my 2nd attempt while taking your course!! You truly helped with the anxiety I had, what I ate the week leading to my exam, eating snacks during my breaks, and so much more!! I did the breathing technique so much when I felt anxiety kicking in during the exam and it really was a game changer for me. I came to you heartbroken 6 weeks ago that I failed but I can FINALLY say I'm an RN ❤️ I wanted to reach out to everyone that helped me on my journey and you did so THANK YOU!! I wouldn't be where I'm at without you and your course 🥰

Caylie A.

I failed the nclex at the end of June and felt super defeated and didn't even know where to start when it came to studying again! I found you through tik tok and got your EBOOK and just found out this morning I PASSED!!!!! Thank you so much for creating this, I really believe I passed because of you!!! 🤩🤩

Shelby C.

I truly believe that your course with the test taking strategies is the reason I passed. I literally studied for 2 weeks and didn’t study on the weekends AND I PASSED MY NCLEX!!!

M. McGrinder, RN